Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sawyer at the Park or Cam's Jealous of Younger Brother's Photography Skills

I think I need to finally read the manual that came with my camera.  I can't have Brannon taking better photos of my daughter than I do.  Here's some proof of that he's seems to be the premier photobug in the family:

Terrified that GiGi's going to let go of her.
"You Must Be This Tall to Play Here"......nope, not a chance!

Sam Roberts - Them Kids

GiGi's in Town!

GiGi (or Gigi?), otherwise known as the Grandmother from North Carolina, came to visit over the weekend.  Some good shots of Sawyer messing around.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

365 Days Older....

...but she doesn't look a day more than 364.  Here's Sawhorse munching on some cake. More birthday celebration to come this weekend when we take her to the Zoo.

Didn't take long to fall into a sugar coma.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

She Works Hard For Her Money....So You Better Treat Her Right!

Grandma Russo noticed how interested Sawyer was when she vacuums and cleans up, so she bought Sawyer her personal set. I have a feeling that her fascination with cleaning will wane fairly soon, but for now she's taking it very seriously.

Clearly not pleased with the condition of the dog bed.

Horse Feathers - Working Poor

Samurai Sawyer!

Although my next post might contradict this, Sawyer's favorite toys thus far have been boxes and pretty much anything made of cardboard. She's especially entranced with the cardboard tubes in hangers as evidenced below....