Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Does Sawyer Look Like?

Ok, the great debate....who does Sawyer favor the most.  I'll let friends and family be the judge.

I'll go first.  I think I'm 3 days old in this photo.  Never since have I had as much hair.

Baby Cam

Next up is the mother of child, Mrs. Toni Glover (Ms. Rodd at the time).

Baby Toni

Now, for extra credit; which Office character does Tonia resemble in this photo?  (Sorry, Tonia)

Big Day Out

Sawyer got a taste of sports earlier in the week with Toni and Grandma Russo.  They went to Coach Tonia's soccer game.  Tonia, you might want to look into ways to drive attendance.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

See The World

Sawyer is starting to focus.  Not great, mind you, but she's definitely aware that there's a world outside of peeing, pooping and burping. She's already more intelligent than some people I know.
Gomez - See The World

The Mississippi Grandparents

We had the pleasure of hosting the Mississippi grandparents a week or so ago.  (I know they're not going to like being called Mississippians, but I'm the writer of this sucker).   Here are some photos from the Sawyer-Sam-Debbie session......
In this one, Sam challenged Sawyer to a sleep-off....Sam's pulling ahead.
Debbie seems wide-awake.  Sawyer, not so much.  Take note, Sam.

(Oddly enough, this was an easy post to match to.  If you do a "mississippi" search in my iTunes library, you get a lot of songs.  Muddy Waters, R.L. Burnside, and others from the Delta pop up. Sawyer's going to be exposed to some music....definitely.)

Mavis Staples - Down in Mississippi
Bob Dylan - Mississippi

Blog Neglect, not Bottle Neglect

Keeping these things current is much more taxing than I would have expected.  So, I'll try for some multiple posts to make up for it.  It's really quantity over quality, right?
Uh oh, she's enjoying the bottle as much as her papa.  Double-fisting.....impressive.

Lucero - Kiss The Bottle

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weird Ears

When Sawyer was born I did the normal father stuff - immediately count the fingers, count the toes, give a cursory look over the rest of her to make sure she didn't have anything extra or was missing anything.  She checked out.  It wasn't until a week or so that I noticed that her ears were a little odd.  They weren't symmetrical.  Hardly a big deal, especially with a girl, unless she decides to go with the Sinead O'Connor look. Anyway, one had looked like it was folded, then ironed. The other; kind of pointy.  Here's the folded -ironed one.
I don't even think I ever mentioned noticing this until the other day when Toni was leaning over the sink while we were in the kitchen.  Her hair happened to be pulled back behind her ear - aha! the culprit. Here's essentially what I saw;
Maybe I'll take a photo of the Spock-like pointy ones on the left side of my two girls' heads later.

The Waterboys - And A Bang On The Ear

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Contest

Ok, who do you think takes better photos? Here's one I took.....
Here's one Toni took.....
Read this one quick because it might have to get pulled; Toni seems a little put off. I thought it was funny, but maybe it's the wine.

(And, for the record, this blog posts things in Pacific time - I'm not enjoying wine at work.)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night

Too early?
So, Toni's been craving sushi and we really feel that Sawyer has started to blossom as a young woman. The amount of maturity she has been showing over the past couple of weeks has convinced us that she's old enough to watch the house for us while we're out for the night.
But, to be on the safe side, we've told Ike that he's in charge. We think they'll do just fine....

(By the way, is she flashing gang signs? Maybe we need to move to the suburbs.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wake Up!

It's a rare thing to get a picture of Sawyer with her eyes open. Maybe I should start pulling the camera out around 3 am - she seems to be wide awake around that time. We, however, aren't cognizant enough nor in the picture taking mood at that hour. Here's a couple I was able to grab yesterday afternoon. We'll try to get more over the weekend. I'll take more if Toni allows me to buy that great Canon DSLR. So, family, if you want more shots you'll need to talk to the powers that be.