Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Sawyer

Well, she's here. And boy, that little girl kicked Toni's butt. 30 hours of labor followed by an emergency c-section. Toni is wiped out. Here's a solo shot of Sawyer and one with her and her doting mom. I think everyone will be surprised that Toni went the whole ordeal without proclaiming my deficiencies as a man and husband. She must be softening up.


  1. Welcome to the family, Sawyer! We can't wait to meet you. Congratulations Toni and Cam she is lucky to have you as parents.
    Dylan says "she is really cute just like me" but we were told she looks like Sadie. Her cousins are soooooo happy to have her in the family.

    Anne is visiting and she says "Congratulations, she is beautiful"

  2. A Granddads thoughts...

    Hip Hip Hoorah, she is beautiful, delightful, marvelous and is destined to bring tremendous joy to Cam, Toni & the rest of us. Tad bit on the tiny side, but as has been said's not the size of the package but the content and my gut says she is going to be SPECIAL! Congratulations to my son and his lovely wife.