Monday, June 7, 2010

What's this thing?

Wow, I forgot that I was keeping a blog up to date. You know, the digital life really hasn't saved anybody any time. Can you imagine someone 20 years ago receiving the same volume of phone calls that they receive today via email. No way. There's just no way anyone could have been productive, let alone strategic or creative. Anyway, I digress. (Have you seen that commercial with that line?  Pretty good.)

Last weekend - or the weekend before - we took our first Sawyer-included road trip. And what a trip it was. Actually, that's hyperbole - it wasn't too rough. The trip up was the borderline uncomfortable one with Sawyer balling the last couple of hours....straight.  She was a champ on the way back.

Backtracking a little here to The Packing. We have a smaller SUV, but certainly still larger than the cars of yesteryear.  Anyway, I was packing this sucker up on the morning outing. Golf clubs - check, diaper bag - check, Toni's 3 bags for a 3 day-weekend - check....vibrating chair, BOB stroller, snap-n-go thingy, pack-n-play....nope, ain't gonna happen. Sawyer is going to have to learn to start traveling light soon because I don't want a Suburban. BP might depend on us new parents a little too much.

Here are some really cool photos from the weekend from a youngster who's picked up on the nurturing thing at age 7, almost 30 years sooner than the kid's dad. Aidan was a superstar.....

Toni and Mom look a little nervous, but the kid's got it....

He's got this down, right?  We need an extra on-call baby-sitter....

Hey!  That's my thing!  I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy that blows farting sounds on my child's stomach.  I invented that move!

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