Monday, October 18, 2010

Sawyer's First Video

Ok, I bought one of those small camcorders to see if we couldn't capture some quick video to share of Sawyer. Not sure if I'm embedding right. Giving it a shot....

Sawyer's First Video from Cam Glover on Vimeo.

The lighting was awful and I need to work on the editing, but I think I'll probably get a hang of it.


  1. good job cam. miss her already. put soap on ike's tongue and there is her bath. keep them coming i can't wait for the one with her first steps. thank you guys for a fun time and sharing sawyer with me. debi

  2. So much fun...I could watch this all day! What a sweetheart! Now if we could get Tina to get one of these FLIP things and try to catch Dylan and Sadie on the move...then set up a blog she would have time?? Priceless moments!!

  3. Cam....You've done a great job with this website! It has been fun to watch the progression.


  4. She is so adorable! Makes me even more excited for our little girl to arrive in January... looks like so much fun y'all are having.

  5. So excited to see her crawling! Does she have any teeth yet? We miss you all can't wait to see you.