Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Toni is complaining of cankles (definition: no noticeable transition between calf and ankle) due to the pregnancy. Since she's still not allowing photos, I thought this one would make due. Still looking for the camera cord......


  1. Great idea Cam! We are soooo excited for the arrival of the newest family member. Glad to see we will be able to follow the upcoming events through your eyes. Speaking of eyes, I am kind of freaked out by your picture - I see a cross between the shining and a WWF star! I am guessing that Toni really does know where the camera cord is. Love the Stetsons

  2. That photo was taken by one of your children. We were eating at Wilmington by the docks. I think it was pre-mustache with the iPhone. I've now heard four people tell me it was a scary pic. The nursery photos will be up this weekend - promise.

  3. Cankles ROCK and are considered very sexy in some cultures (don’t know which ones but I’m sure some do)