Saturday, January 9, 2010


The temperature hasn't been above freezing all week. The Vermonters in the family will appreciative this photo. It's pretty slick out there.


  1. As of today VT has seen 44.5" of snow for the month of Jan. Keep in mind today is Jan.10th. The temperature when I woke up this morning was -14 degrees! We must be crazy to live here. I am anxiously awaiting a picture of my pregnant sister. A pregnant belly shot is a must for the baby book. Think of your daughters future she will want to see a picture of her Mom pregnant with her. Love, Tina

  2. I just worry that the Vermonters in Georgia have forgotten how to drive "on" that ice...just want you all to be safe...I know..I can just hear Toni now...saying "yeah, right..that is my Mom talking????" Love Ya!!