Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Contest

Ok, who do you think takes better photos? Here's one I took.....
Here's one Toni took.....
Read this one quick because it might have to get pulled; Toni seems a little put off. I thought it was funny, but maybe it's the wine.

(And, for the record, this blog posts things in Pacific time - I'm not enjoying wine at work.)


  1. Gramma Russo calls it a tie!...and take them while you can! Wonder which one is most like Sadie?

  2. DG says ditto! Love them both!

  3. You guys are kidding me, right? Don't get me wrong, she's an angelic creature and all, but in the second photo she looks plain goofy.

  4. Cam...Great Pics & nice blog.


  5. I'm sorry Toni, but I'm with Cam on this one! The second one is not her best look....and I can say that because I have come to the decision after a year of their lives, that MY babies were really sort of alien like in their early days and frankly, not all that photogenic! I'll share pics if you like! However, in real life, I know she is darn adorable! My mom is so lucky to have gotten to see her!!!

  6. Personally, I like the crazy eyes better.