Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weird Ears

When Sawyer was born I did the normal father stuff - immediately count the fingers, count the toes, give a cursory look over the rest of her to make sure she didn't have anything extra or was missing anything.  She checked out.  It wasn't until a week or so that I noticed that her ears were a little odd.  They weren't symmetrical.  Hardly a big deal, especially with a girl, unless she decides to go with the Sinead O'Connor look. Anyway, one had looked like it was folded, then ironed. The other; kind of pointy.  Here's the folded -ironed one.
I don't even think I ever mentioned noticing this until the other day when Toni was leaning over the sink while we were in the kitchen.  Her hair happened to be pulled back behind her ear - aha! the culprit. Here's essentially what I saw;
Maybe I'll take a photo of the Spock-like pointy ones on the left side of my two girls' heads later.

The Waterboys - And A Bang On The Ear


  1. That's hysterical actually! Now, truth be told, our little Colton literally does have 2 different ears! It's as if he got one from me and the other from Brian! Go figure! Hopefully he's okay with that because I don't want him to sport any Fabio like locks...

  2. He's not alone. I'm not kidding about 2 different ears. The Vermonters are a strange bunch.